Our guild was formed in 1979 by a group of quilters out of a need to share tips and techniques.  The guild maintains contact with other quilting groups in the Montreal area, as well as provincial and national guilds.  Over the past few years, our membership has grown through the welcoming of new members and it now has both day time and evening meetings. We have enjoyed numerous workshops with well-known quilters over the past few years, teachers such as Nellie Holmes, Carol Doak and Pamela Allen among others, and have had the opportunity to share the talents and skills of our own members through mini-workshops and our bi-annual quilt show.

Two annual retreats also give us the opportunity to socialize and share ideas and discuss new techniques.

Our members contribute much time to do some charity work on the West Island and thanks to their generosity and talent we have had the pleasure of donating many quilts which bring much needed comfort to those in crisis or in poor health.

Our Guild is administered through an Executive. While the day group program differs from that of the evening group, the two share many activities and projects.

Meetings begin with a short business meeting – news & information, ‘Show & Tell’, monthly draw, followed by a coffee, dessert and chatting break, and ending with a workshop, lecture or other scheduled activity.  Members are encouraged to participate in the workshops at the meetings in support of the time and energy put into making the sessions interesting and educational for all.  All members are asked to bring their own coffee/tea mug to meetings!!

Our meetings are held monthly from September to June each year at Centennial Hall, 288 Beaconsfield Boulevard, Beaconsfield, QC, (Next to the Yacht Club). All members can attend either or both the day and evening meetings.

To contact us : contact@beaconsfieldquiltersguild.org

Notre guilde a été formée en 1979 par un groupe de courtepointières souhaitant partager des trucs et des techniques. Elle entretient des contacts avec d’autres groupes de courtepointières dans la région de Montréal ainsi qu’avec les guildes provinciales et nationales. Au cours des dernières années, notre guilde a grandi avec un nombre croissant de nouveaux membres et nous avons un programme de jour et un autre de soir. Au cours des dernières années, nous avons participé à de nombreux ateliers avec des courtepointières bien connues, des professeurs telles que Nellie Holmes, Carol Doak et Pamela Allen entre autres. Nous avons aussi mis à profit le talent et les compétences de nos membres via de mini-ateliers et notre exposition bi-annuelle de courtepointes.

Deux retraites annuelles nous offrent l’occasion de socialiser et de partager des idées et de discuter de nouvelles techniques.

Nos membres consacrent beaucoup de leur temps à des œuvres charitables dans l’ouest de l’île et grâce à leur générosité et talent, nous avons eu le plaisir d’offrir plusieurs courtepointes pour réconforter ceux en crise ou ayant des problèmes de santé.

Notre guilde est gérée par un Comité Exécutif. Nos programmes de jour et de soir, tout en étant différents, partagent beaucoup d’activités et de projets.

Pour nous contacter : contact@beaconsfieldquiltersguild.org